Since starting Go La La! we have found ourselves getting out and about a fair bit from our base in Somerset, and during the past year we have visited London several times; as well as taken short trips to Brighton and Canterbury; spent a week in Birmingham and also a night in Southend-on Sea.

This week I found myself in Glasgow for the day, meeting a new sales agent.

I could have driven, or jumped on the train or I guess even gone by coach, but weighing up the differences flying seemed the best bet.  There wasn’t much in it between flights to Edinburgh or Glasgow airport, so I decided upon the latter.

Bristol to Glasgow on Easyjet is straightforward, and at a fraction under 50 quid it is a damn site cheaper than other options; better still the flight is only about an hour and so I was in Glasgow by 10.40am.  Getting through security into the departure lounge was the hardest part of the journey; I was frisked, put through their new scanner as I’d set the buzzer off and then had my bag x-rayed twice as they’d spotted a mystery object….obviously dildo Greeting cards are a bit of a no no through customs; or maybe I just looked so suave and sophisticated they assumed I was James Bond; I’ve never seen him use a budget airline though…maybe his disguise really is that good.

Despite the dreary and foggy day when I Bristol, by the time we were having coffee outside in the sun, in Central Glasgow, it was extremely sunny, warm and spring like; best day of the year thus far; who says Scotland is all doom and gloom?

Later we went for lunch.  I think the agent was a little surprised to find himself in a somewhat shabby and hidden away basement café/bar called the Flying Duck, especially as it only served vegan food and drink; I guess I should have mentioned earlier that I had been vegan for 30 years.  Still he seemed to like the food and that’s what matters.  What’s not to like with a wheat gluten based burger thing called Seitan Worshipper.

I didn’t get to experience much of the culture of Glasgow as I had hoped, apart from a busker playing amped up Bowie numbers, but it was nice to have a change of scenery, as I’d  not been to Glasgow for many years.

Suffice to say, the meeting went well and we now have a fab new agent in Scotland, so if you have a shop there, please let us know and I can put you in touch with him.

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