Greetings Cards are funny things aren’t they.  Folded sheets of card with pictures, words or both on them.  Sometimes foiled, or flittered or otherwise embellished they are given for all manner of reasons.

Cards are given to celebrate a special occasion: a birthday, a new baby, passing a driving test or moving home; to express a get-well wish or a message of sympathy; to thank someone for an act of kindness; or maybe just to show a person that you care or are thinking of them.   The British public buy millions of them every year as you can see from this Greeting  Card Association report.

My favourite ever card was a Christmas card, given to me by Laura.  I loved it so much that she gave me the same card the following Christmas, and again the year after.  And when she ran out of space to write her thoughtful Christmas messages she bought another card exactly the same….and I received that one for another 4 or 5 years….until they both got lost in preparation for a house move.  We were both extremely annoyed, yet it shows that something that can in many cases be seen as a throwaway item can sometimes mean so much to the recipient.

Today, out of the blue, we received an email from a customer, which really touched us both.  It said “I came across your Alf Skitten/ Mick Jagger card this week: it made me laugh and cry as he is practically a doppelgänger for my beautiful cat who was put down the day before.  I love your style of drawing so thank you for making me smile/cry every time I look at the card”.

As cat lovers ourselves it brought tears to our eyes – after all the Alf Skitten range is based on our two four legged boys – so for one of our cards to have evoked such an emotional response was touching.  We tend to design our cards to be humorous rather than sentimental, so it is great to see that they can be appreciated as so much more than just a piece of printed cardboard.