Go La La is owned and run by husband and wife team, John Higgins and Laura Kavanagh.

Their careers have been varied; John started out working in a plant-science laboratory, Laura built Amstrad computers.

Over the years they gravitated more towards art based work and hobbies, with John (a music aficionado with over 9,000 CD’s) writing music reviews for the BBC, producing fanzines and band photography.

Laura ran charity and retail social enterprise based in arts, crafts and education, and managed reuse schemes across the south west of England. They both worked as freelance journalists.

Then one day they decided that they wanted to be in control of their own employment, taking skills acquired over the years and putting them to good use within their own business. They had three main objectives for their business: Be creative, make them laugh, earn a living.

They launched Go La La Greeting Cards in 2016 and  sister brand ‘Follow That Cab’ in December 2018.

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