We’ve just signed up to a new social media platform, Vero, which is a mobile app much like Instagram and promises all kinds of fabulous benefits, the main one (for us) is them not buggering about with algorithms and thwarting attempts to network your business. I don’t know about you, but we’ve found it increasingly difficult to have our social media accounts perform effectively once you’ve either paid for advertising or have crossed over onto the dark-side of USING THE SAME HASHTAGS TOO OFTEN (Instagram, and I kid you not).

We found ourselves ‘shadow banned’ on Insta, which from what we can glean, is largely to do with posting and tagging the same things all the time – now I kinda thought that using #greetingcards on pretty much most of our IG posts was fairly innocuous and also highly relevant. But it seems as though the Insta Police doesn’t favour this kind of behaviour. Shadow banning means that you basically have your posts blocked from being visible to the wider world. So our posts were suddenly being mainly unnoticed. It made us feel miserable and lonely….for a short time and then we just realised we had to just suck it up and get on with trying to fix it.

But with so many SM platforms now to maintain, I’m not even sure whether they’re worth the time investment. Once Upon A Time, making good use of SM for your business was strongly encouraged, in fact, you were deemed to be a bit ignorant for not having SM. But with everyone out there using every platform out there, it feels like content – and not just our content – has reached saturation point. And probably about 18 months ago.

Scheduling posts through a third party platform such as Hootsuite works well for us – but is still time consuming of course. We have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and now Vero. And this blog. Seriously?! I mean, this is quite a lot to do on a daily basis, and again, the message is that you need to keep content updated and fresh. Sigh.

So we think maybe a SM cull is needed…I would rather have a couple of accounts and maintain them well, rather than seven which are generally neglected. Much like our house plants. Give me a couple of house plants to look after and I can keep them alive and healthy. Give me more than that, and, well, they’ll be brown and crispy before you can say hashtagfail.

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