Seasonal Veggies – Vegan Friendly Christmas Cards


Revitalised and relaunched for Christmas 2017 is the Go La La range of Vegan Christmas cards – Seasonal Veggies – Eight cute but not sickly designs.  We launched and sold 4 of these from our website and eBay last year and they sold like (dairy free) hot cakes, and the customers were very pleased with them.

I’ve been a vegan for over 3 decades; and vegetarian longer, and I have seen the movement evolve and grow over that time.  Veganism is growing month on month here in the UK, and every few days there is an article in the national press about it; celebrities are also endorsing a plant based diet as a lifestyle choice (although veganism is really about the non-exploitation of animals) and people are rethinking their attitude to animals.

Shops are full of vegan products, food, clothes, cosmetics, shoes etc. yet there are still very few vegan Christmas cards and we are attempting to change that.

Our local card shop took some Seasonal Veggies last year but didn’t really know what to expect, and were extremely happy at the sales, and have already snapped up all of the new range, yet the difficulty we face is persuading new retailers to stock what I guess is still a niche product, although I assume in a few years’ time Vegan Christmas cards will be mainstream, so if you are a retailer who would like to try them, take a look here and contact us if you are interested or 01458 835415

Alternatively, if you are just a regular punter who would like to buy one for a friend or relation, you can do that too from our website.