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We really can do something drastic if we ditch the plastic.

Plastic Free

"It's only one plastic straw."

Said 8 billion people!

At Go La La we’re not fans of single use plastic and are steering our business away from the stuff in all its despicable forms. To that end we have stopped using disposable plastic of all kinds and try to offer alternatives that pose less of a threat to our fragile environment.

We no longer use any plastic or cellos in our wrap or packaging as we discovered that single use cellophane causes problems either during manufacture or disposal, so our cards are sent naked (which means that they have no wrapping rather than the postie delivers it in the buff).

None of our gifts are plastic wrapped and our packaging is fully recyclable or compostable.

We think hard about our purchases and hope you, our lovely customers do too. Let’s not take our planet for granted. We really can do something drastic if we ditch the plastic.

UK Made

By only using UK based businesses we have greater control of our supply chain.

Planet Friendly

Our planet is in a bit of a pickle and we want to minimise our environmental impact.

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