Hello Sailor

Although Laura launched Go La La in May 2016, I officially joined the company on 1st August, exactly one year ago today, and it has been somewhat a rollercoaster ride with a lot to learn, but it has been great fun; we have exhibited at three trade shows, produced three catalogues and are starting to get our our name out there so now find our ranges in independent shops across England, Scotland and Wales, as well as in two chains: Scribbler and House of Cards.

Because we are quite creative people, we have quite an eclectic portfolio using various media, and one thing I worry about is that we don’t necessarily have an identifiable brand; having been doing this stuff for a year I could be handed a card by each of Dean Morris, Brainbox Candy, Modern Toss, Buddy Fernandez and Emotional Rescue and I would know which was which.  But then I think that a year ago, before I was in the industry, would I have known which was which, probably not, and most of the card buying public choose a card because they like its sentiment, its picture or its humour, rather than worrying about who published it.

The great thing about Go La La,  is that we like to innovate and continually come up with new stuff and luckily we don’t have to copy other people’s style, as unfortunately there does seem to be a lot of repetition out there, and much of the feedback we have received is that we are offering something new and refreshing to the humour side of card publishing.

For example, our most recent range is called “Nice Little Ditties”, which is a selection of seemingly rude yet innocent poems; they made us laugh a lot as we created them, and they’ve made the audience that have seen them laugh a lot too and that is the main reason we wanted to do them; it is a range that started with a dirty dozen, but they are so silly and amusing to make, that we will be rapidly expanding the range with a selection of occasions and relations, all designed to make people giggle.  After all, laughter is the best medicine…unless you have constipation….in which case it is probably syrup of figs.

See more about us at www.golala.co.uk, and get in touch if you are a retailer that would like to stock us.