It’s been a funny old time at Go La La during the past weeks.

My mum died.

One day she was happily going about her business; fit and seemingly healthy; the next day she wasn’t. A few weeks later she had died.  A bit of a shock, but this will explain why we’ve been a little quiet recently; work hasn’t been the most pressing thing on our minds, and attending PG Live 2018 Trade Show, with this going on was especially stressful – in fact we came close to not going.

One thing that has helped us is the many sympathy, thinking of you and condolences cards we have received. In these days of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat it is great to see that many people can still find the time to write a brief message into a card and post it or even hand deliver it.

From experience I know that actually being able to write a message of condolence can be a difficult thing to do.   Despite being someone who rarely has a problem with writing things down, when it comes to an intimate message of support, it can be overwhelmingly tricky – it feels awkward, and conveying exactly what you mean is hard, but so many people have done just that for me, and for that I thank them.

My father is currently not so well either, so for him sitting quietly, reading the hand-written messages in the numerous cards he received, was extremely comforting and showed him that other people were empathising with his and our loss at this difficult time.

At Go La La we’ve never designed a sympathy card; we tend to produce our cards for happier times, and the silly irreverent humour we churn out doesn’t always sit well with that type of card, but I must say we have received some beautifully designed cards, and being in the industry it is especially good to receive ones from fellow publishers, or to be sent a card that was produced by one of our industry friends.  Maybe further down the line we will turn our hand to them.

Anyway, normal service has now resumed, back to the knob gags.