Brendon Burns and Go La La

I have always been a fan of jokes, humour and comedy; my grandfather had a dry wit, my father carried on the trend, although his was often spiked with sarcasm, and I love a good pun as well as the darkest and most twisted black humour.

Last week I saw 2 of my favourite comedians live.  On Monday, I went to watch the political comedian Mark Thomas, who’s current show Showtime from the Frontline is about starting a comedy club in Jenin, Palestine; and then a few days later Go La La hosted our own comedy show with the rude and crude Australian comedian Brendon Burns and his Mansplaining show.

I would like to have been a stand-up comedian, but never had the confidence; it’s quite daunting standing on stage and talking nonsense in front of a bunch of strangers, especially if it’s not going well, but now I am working as a humorous card publisher, and my products amuse and entertain people, but don’t require me to potentially embarrass myself in front of an audience.

Laura and me spend day after day, week after week coming up with new ideas for ranges, bouncing ideas around our studio, and find taking a walk in the country or along the beach really gets our creative mojo working……people we encounter must think we are a couple of nutters as they see us randomly laughing in public.

A couple of days ago a TV actress posted pictures of two of our cards on her Instagram account, and she had obviously found them hilarious. Every time someone buys one of our cards, four or five people have probably laughed: they have, hopefully the intended recipient will laugh and maybe a few of their friends or family will laugh too.

So, if we’ve sold 30,000 cards, maybe 100,000 people have been entertained, and while I may not quite the Michael McIntyre of the greeting card industry, I am chuffed by the fact that a few people have giggled.